How To Online Date

I’m a dating coach and hypnotherapist, giving dating tips for men and women.  For me, dating has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life– and subscribing to an online dating site has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I grew up poor, in a divorced household where I didn’t have many good role models.  I was smart, but I didn’t think I was smart because I had self esteem, so in high school I got beaten up on a regular basis.

Just a few years ago, meeting and dating women was a mystery to me.  I thought in order to meet women, I had to belong to an exclusive social circle or risk my career trying to date a coworker.  I spent Friday nights at home, lonely and frustrated.  At one point I did get a girlfriend, but because I believed women were so scarce, I lived in constant fear that she would break up with me (and she did).

Tired of being lonely, I made one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: I asked for help. I spent thousands of dollars seeking out experts, working with Zan Perrion, Vince Kelvin, Erika Awakening, Hans Comijn, Michael Hurst, Dan McDonley,  and many others on a short-term basis to improve my skills with women.

I also invested money in Internet dating educational products, many of which are only a few clicks away.

I’ve met women everyplace you could imagine, including social settings, bookstores, bars, and on the street–but I’ve found the most affective place of meeting women it is the Internet.

When I first started out dating women off the Internet, I was amazed to find that once I subscribed, the number of women in my social network went from 2 to 2,000,000!  I was very excited.

At first I didn’t get any dates at all off the Internet.  After tweaking my profile and the way I messaged women, some women started agreeing to meet me.  Usually these dates ended with the woman walking out twenty minutes later.

I was persistent, constantly tweaking my profile and my approach.  After a lot of trial and error and investing in a lot of dating tips for men products, I figured out how to write the best profile and came up with the most effective method of contacting women online.   I learned how to interact with women on first dates in a way that made them feel irresistibly attracted to me and instead of feeling awkward.  Before I knew it, meeting one girl every other month turned into meeting three girls per week.  Guys at work wondered how I did it.

What I looked like in college.

When I told my friends that I was meeting women off the Internet, they laughed.  They told me that it was a waste of money and gave me a bunch of reasons for why online dating didn’t work.  (The small investment to subscribe and talk to women 24/7 costs the same as single dinner date).

The thing is, technology has changed that way we meet and interact with women… for the better.  And I’m not just talking about online dating websites.  Nowadays women (especially younger women) prefer texting over calling.  They have Internet dating apps on their smart phones.  You could contact a woman while you’re out , discover she’s two bars down from you, and just meet up!  (These “same day dates” are my favorite way of meeting women, and I have made many a steady girlfriend from mastering the art of meeting women the VERY DAY I contacted them.)

We also live in a unique era in which dating tips for men products are readily available to teach you how to become more attractive. These dating tips for men products are a lot more advanced than the typical books from the bookstore’s self-help section. They  Provide more content, and don’t beat around the bush with clichés like “just be yourself” or “pay for her meal.”   We all know that dating is far more complicated than that, and recently there’s been a surge of dating tips for men products that have tackled just that.

If products and coaching were effective for me, they can be effective for you, too. There are dating tips for men products out there for almost any type of guy–shy or extroverted, good-looking or modest, short guys and tall guys. They’re dating tips for men products on how to make her laugh, how to flirt, how to use romance, and even how to be unapologetically aggressive.  There are dating products out there for men who just want to hook up, and for men wanting a relationship with women.  Products and coaches out there exist teaching ways of meeting women in strip clubs, bars, bookstores.  For whatever intrigues you, there is a product out there that will interest you.

I believe that if you find the right product for you, you can attract women while also being totally authentic.  Women tell me all the time that they wish they could find a man like me.  I think this is because unlike most people, I resolved that I would stop at nothing to become who I wanted to be.  I paid the price for the mistakes I made and confronted my inner demons.  And so I grew, little by little.  At first, I just wanted women to like me.  Then I started experiencing levels of intimacy I didn’t know were possible– I learned the art of spontaneity and how to bring joy to the women I dated in ways that were creative, unique, and unrepeatable.  I learned there was a different way of connecting with women.  And as a man, you can experience this for yourself.