Dating Tips For Men: Are You Dating A Toxic Woman?

Here’re some dating tips for men we can relate to:

Some women are wonderful, and some women are vampires.

These toxic women don’t look like monsters.  Often, they’re not only attractive, but they’re more friendly than other women.   But take these dating tips for men from me: underneath it all, these women have tactics of manipulating you into believing that giving everything up for them is the best possible thing you could do.

It’s taken me a while to figure out warning signs of these types of women, but after a lot of experience, here are a three dating tips for men to help you identify women you really don’t want to be around:


The Best Gay Friend

I don’t have a problem with gay guys.   But when a woman has so many gay friends that it’s the norm, not the exception, it could be a red flag. “Fag hags,” as gay men sometimes call them, often have deep insecurities when it comes to intimacy.

These women love male attention, but their fear of getting hurt overrides it.  Their solution: gay men provide the masculine energy that they crave, without burning them or making them feel vulnerable.

No gay man will go as far as having sex with a woman, making her orgasm, or having a relationship with her.  But they’re hot, and some of them make out with women when they’re drunk–so it’s a pretty decent compromise for a woman that lacks confidence.

Perhaps they have had poor male role models in the past. For whatever reason, fag hags have a huge fear of intimacy.  To date is to risk getting hurt again.  They may talk about how they want a boyfriend, but in reality they will sabotage any functional relationship offered to them.  The best of the dating tips for men I can offer are plain and simple: STAY AWAY!



The Friend Collector

Some women are tomboys who naturally have a lot of male friends.  For other women, having male friends is a power thing.  Dozens of men orbit around them, lusting after them, and they never put out.  It makes them feel in control.

I went out on the “date” with a woman last December.  She had me over to her place, told me that I “exuded sexuality,” and asks me how large my penis was.   But when I went in to make the first move, she immediately pulled back.   “Whoa there, buddy! We’re just friends!”

On at least three occasions during our meet up, guys called her up.  She would always preface the guys names with “my friend.”  “Excuse me, I need to take this call from my friend Jeff.”   “My friend Mike is calling me, wondering what we’re up to.”

I wonder about these guys that were friends with her.  I doubt she was sleeping with any of them. But I bet that they all wanted to sleep with her. She gave them lots of attention and gratification, as she did to me. It must’ve driven them nuts when she pulled away from them, like she pulled away from me when I tried to make a move on her.

I almost made another move on her later that night. I’m glad I didn’t.  Persistence works for most women, but in this case I would’ve fallen victim to her little game of power.  I was not going to be seduced into the friend zone.  All of her other “friends” already seem to be completely submissive to her. I had to get out while I still had the chance!    If you’re looking for dating tips for men on how to seduce a friend collector, here’s my only one: RUN.



Handwriting Analysis

Bart Baggett is the master of handwriting analysis. Check out this link of toxic traits:

Many dating tips for men experts recommend handwriting analysis to flirt with women and impress them.  Handwriting analysis can be used to  build rapport with women, but it can also give great insight to the type of woman that you’re getting into.

Of all the cold reading techniques, I find handwriting analysis to be the most accurate.  At first I was skeptical, but after grading students papers one afternoon in grad school, I noticed that all of their handwriting was spot on with their personalities.

I especially look for a “stinger” in her D’s, C’s, and A’s. This indicates anger toward the opposite sex. Check out Bart Baggett’s Hell Trait #5. His other Hell Traits include lying, self-deception, and dual personality.

As pretty, friendly, and interesting as these women look, it is not worth your time to pursue women with toxic personalities.  There are no good dating tips for men on how to deal with these women other than to just avoid them.

Toxic women are not always easy to spot, but if you are mindful of these red flags early on, you will be able to steer clear from them without having your time will and emotions wasted.

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