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Understanding What It Means To Be Hot | Dating Tips For Men

“Regulation hot” women are typically thin with with faces that are perfectly proportional.  They don’t have to look unique or interesting, but they’re hot by society’s definition. Some men refer to these women as “9’s” and “10’s.” I call these women “regulation hot” because there are a lot of other types of beauty out there.  […]

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Dating Tips For Men: What is Real Beauty?

Consider a woman who is beautiful not by society’s definition, but by your own. Perhaps other guys think that she’s hot.  But she doesn’t have to be the hottest one of the group. In fact, the very flaws the keep her from being “regulation hot” are the very things that you find attractive in her.  […]

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Dating Tips For Men: Three Kinds of Sexy

A lot of dating tips for men are geared toward women who only look a certain way.  But there many reasons why a woman can be beautiful.  Here are three types of beauty, and what motivates men to pursue them:   1.)  “Regulation” sexy You don’t have to be unique.  You just have to be […]

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